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2010 Yamaha BWS 125 Scooter, bought new by the previous owner in 2009.

No accidents, not 'rebuilt', Canadian model.

Good condition

Brand new rear tire

Recent new variator belt

Has the following upgrades you won't get on a new scooter from Yamaha:

Rear luggage rack: $131 + tax

Front basket (looks like a coffee cup holder): $46 + tax

Windshield: $100

Top box: $129 Removable and lockable, which makes it really convenient for carrying stuff inside.

Four stroke (no need to add oil), electric start, 125cc, fuel injected, air-cooled Yamaha quality, reliable, durable motor.

Fast enough for the freeway, topping out at 95km/h this scooter effortlessly gets ahead of traffic around town.

I have calculated fuel consumption of 3.4l per 100km, which equates to 83mpg.

Mileage: 16,000km The mileage is high due to the previous owner riding the scooter to Ontario (!) for the 'Mad Bastard' scooter rally: http://cmgonline.com/content/view/1628/255/

Price: $2850
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