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Selling my Duke as I want a dedicated track bike and the boss (wife) won't let me have more than three bikes. This bike has never been tracked but it was my intention to set it up for that as I recently purchased brand new KTM crash bars, bar-end sliders and spools that I haven't installed and am selling with the bike or separately.

Here are the facts to save us haggling:
MSRP $9,999
Freight/PDI $795
Doc Fee $195
Taxes (12%) $1,319
Total $12,308

Yoshimura R77 Carbon $701 (USD$539)
KTM Ergo Seat $142 (UD$109)
KTM Crash Bars $364 (USD$280)
Sliders & Spools $65 (USD$50)
Total $1,271

TOTAL COST $13,579

Willing to sell for $7,200 including the crash bars, sliders and spools or $7,000 for just the bike with the exhaust and seat included. You're looking at just over 50% of replacement cost for a three year old bike with 7,600 km on it. Know a deal when you see one.

I've previously sold three bikes on craigslist and two were to new riders so as a public service I'll share the following with prospective new riders. This is an appropriate first bike provided you have completed a new rider course, are at least 5' 6" tall and exercise common sense. The bike has three riding modes (rain, normal and sport) and keeping it in rain mode will moderate the power delivery to a sufficient degree for a new rider. I enjoy it in normal mode and find that sport mode is too abrupt. 5500rpm to redline this motor will slingshot you in the first three gears which should provide years of entertainment. DO NOT buy this bike if you want a commuter/long road trip bike that you'll frequently take on the highways. This bike is a point and squirt urban assault vehicle/canyon carver that even turned me, a middle-aged accountant, into a fekkin' hooligan.


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