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Hey people, just discovered your site!.................. Very nice!

I moved here from Halifax about a year ago, I sold my CRF 450 ( I raced motox on weekends), but I kept and shipped my 50. I have yet to find 50 enthusists to ride with.
I perfer to ride trail/parks, and tend to keep of the open streets, I need to keep my licence for work!!!

anyone out there???

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John , I'm calling your wife right now and I'm gonna let her know

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First off: :flip Welcome :flip

Although I can't help ya with directions for you and your 50 ...I'm also from Halifax so if you need help understanding wtf these lazy dope-smoking sandal-wearing west coasters are all about [:D] ..gimme a shout. [ie: send me a PM or email].


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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