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600rr km reset button

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Does anybody have any info/hints/tips regarding fixing a reset button that doesn't want to reset the km's ?
'03 cbr600rr with 12,000 km's
I really don't want to have to take it to a dealership here...
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yah, the stupid plastic tabs break on the tip of the button. There is not use trying to go to the dealer - they don't have a fix for it - just try to fix it yourself. I am going to try to pull a friend's apart and fix it soon...
call brad at the chop shop
Just superglue the little plastic piece to the rubber button.
I hit my button too much and broke it too :(
yo i have the same problem! what if i still have some extended warrantee?? will the stealer cover it/fix it?
this happened to my 600RR.

just take it apart, and glue gun the button back in... just make sure you use JUST ENOUGH, so it can still be pressed in and out..... make sure of that, dont be a dumbass and glue everywhere and on ur lcd. (exaggeration).
and they say Kawi=junk....:rolleyes
I did it myself last year. It's not hard. Use the instructions from this thread
thanks for the tips.
actually wasn't too hard, even for a mechanically inept clod like myself...
took me about 2 hours
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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