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I have the distinct pleasure of knowing Jack and he helped me in this year's route planning to Alaska. I met him at the IBA Pizza Party in Daytona (he rode from Montana that time.

He just wrote a terrific ride report on Adventure rider and linked it to the LDrider list

The next time it is raining and cold think of Jack

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Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2006 06:18:38 -0900
From: Jack
Subject: [LDRider] A Change of Pace
To: LDRiders

It has been quite some time since I last participated in discussions here on the LDRiders list. Been unsubscribed for a few months so I could spend more time away from the computer getting worthwhile things accomplished. <grin>
2005 was the year I had planned on staying home here in Alaska and getting some work done on my homesite. Ended up making 4 trips Outside, with the last one being a quick (for me) 21 day round trip to Columbia, SC to swap the Gold Wing for the Connie, with stops along the way for photos to enter in the Team Strange 21st Anniversary contest, drop in at the MTF Founder's Feast, and a high school class reunion.

This year I brought the Gold Wing back home on my second trip to the South 48, allowing me to enjoy another trip over the Cassiar Hwy.; and so far have avoided a 3rd trip down to the lesser states. ;^)

In order to keep myself occupied up here, while still allowing time to get some necessary work done, I've started doing more "adventure" riding, which is easier to do on weekends than trips to the Lower 48 over the Alcan. This has led, recently, to preparing two of my bikes for winter riding. The old faithful '82 Suzuki GS1100G, which bore my lazy butt from Key West to Deadhorse 2 years ago (a ride I will try to document as soon as I can remember where I put the @#$% starting witness forms) now wears Continental TKC80 knobbies with studs, at both ends.

The GL1800 has a Michelin X-Ice car tire, size 195/55-16 on the rear, and an Avon Gripster rear tire, well studded, on the front. That bike started up at -23?F this morning and took me for a little 150 mile ride to get some photos of beautiful mountains under a sparkling blue sky.

Hoping to be able to ride every month this winter and on into next summer.
Next spring I'll celebrate my 68th birthday (if I don't perish from damn foolishness before then) and I need to get serious about preparing my retirement home for my final years there in Alaska's wilderness. A place from which to ride during the summer, and during the cold winter months, a place where bikes can be prepared for riding when it becomes warm once again.

So the type of LD riding I've been doing in the past will have to be put on hold for a while. Not abandoned, as I have enjoyed every 1K day I've done, and had an absolutely great time running across the continent with Steve Broadhead this past spring as he completed a 50CC and BBG (some more documentation I need to get sent in - as soon as I can find where I put all the paperwork).

But the rides I do now will offer a different challenge, distance plus other factors, albeit closer to home and suitable for completion within a smaller time frame.
It is my hope that my friends within the LD community will not forget me, stuck way back here in the sticks, and if riding through the state, will stop in and say Howdy - and maybe take one of the "special" tours to Valdez with me. :^)
For an idea of what sort of riding I'm doing these days, just check out yesterday's ride report on the ADVriders forum:


Now - I guess it's time to get off the computer and get to work. Y'all have a great day. See ya somewhere down the

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