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How'd I end up here?
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Putting my Lola up for sale - she's my first bike and although I love her dearly, I'm ready to upgrade...

The bike was mechanically inspected about a month ago, and has had the battery, rectifier and stator replaced, the oil changed and a new filter put in, air filter replaced, and the carbs sync'd. The brakes are around 80% (front and rear), the chain adjusted (and lubed approximately every 500km), and the mechanic (DJ Paul) said not to sell such a sweet ride!

Just shy of 41,000km's and is in perfect running condition. Incredibly smooth bike and perfect for someone else to start on! Unfortunately, because the paint job and front windscreen is not stock, she's not eligible for collector's plates, but it's still incredibly cheap insurance.

Test pilot's with full asking price in hand and a valid class 6 licence. No lowballer's please, I'm in no hurry to sell as the weather is still good!

Either PM me or give me a shout at 604-505-9101


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