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89 Suzuki DR200

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I need to sell this to pay off the loan I took out for the downpayment. I don't really want to depart with the bike :(

anyways its a 200cc 4 stroke trail/enduro bike, it has a working headlight and taillight.

the good:
The engine is a NEW rebuild, I had the piston, rings, bearings, replaced and the cylinder honed.

Also the tranmission was rebuilt, New gears, new seals, new bearings etc.

All the work was done professionally from BCIT small engines department from an instrcutor there. Comression is VERY good on this engine with no leakdown.

The plastics are in good shape, a few minor scratches from wear and tear. The seat is mint. Sprcokets and chain are in good condition. Bike is clean.

only 25 - 50km on the new rebuild.

monoshock rear.

The bad:

From the showroom it was street legal although I dont have turn signals or a liscense plate mounting bracket.. Also the tires were replaced with a more agressive dirt knobby tire. This is a dirt bike. It will do highway speeds.

In the cold cold weather it has a hard time starting, Im 1/2 sure this is because it has stale/bad gas in it right now. Its may need some minor carb tuning. Once the engine is warm it will start on the first kick, easy to start in the spring/summer.

The oil needs to be changed, I tried running synthetic in it but this bike NEEDS Suzuki brand oil which I didnt use, it has a wet clutch and it you dont use suzuki brand the clutch will grab too hard. You will need to change out the oil for a suzuki brand.

The rear tire is about 50% worn. Should be good for another season dependign on how you ride... more if you arent crazy.

im asking $1500o.b.o. for the bike and I can also deliver within 100km.

phone me at 290-3151(cell)
or email [email protected]
or private message me with any qyestions/offers

p.s. This bike runs very very strong.. for a small cc 4 stroke it has no problems carrying a 250lb man up a hill. lots of torque but very tame at the same time.
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