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Suzuki GS500 - $2200 S O L D

Not a rebuild, no liens, 89, still in nice shape at 48k – have an Imperial Motorcycles inspection report. She's ready to ride..

- Headers sandblasted and painted with PJ One VHT
- Chain cleaned and lubed regularly with PJ One Blue Label
- Oil changed every 4000k
- Air filter inspected and cleaned on Wednesday
- Battery levels inspected and serviced, terminals also cleaned
- NGK spark plugs just put in – now really runs great
- 90% tire tread front and rear
- 60% chain and sprockets
- Fairings all nice and tight
- Original toolkit included
- Clymer maintenance and repair manual included
- Moto Tecnica spanish repair manual included
- electronic jpeg version of all main component assembly diagrams included

Read any review or ask anyone, GS500’s are fun.
Wikipedia: http://cgi.stanford.edu/~sanjayd/gs500/Main/General
Specs: http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/suzu/suzuki_gs500e%2089.htm
Reviews: http://www.bikez.com/bike/rating.php?idbike=20046
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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