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.>>>..>..>.. .>. ..>. .>.>> 91 Cbr 600 F2 $3000


The engine runs great and the sound is absolutely amazing (might be kinda loud to some people). A new chain had been put on it just 500 km ago. The tires still have quite a bit of tread on them. Operationally, this bike only needs a new headlight bulb otherwise it's fully road going. It just hit 47000 kms last week but don't like the mileage fool you. It runs remarkably well.

Includes (extra but not installed)

Corbin Seat
Opaque Windscreen
left and right damaged fairings, mainly intact, painted black


The front right signal light's running light (not the actual blinker) is burned out
Lowbeam bulb is burned out, highbeams work though. Simple replacement of the bulb (common H4 type) is all that's required.
A chip the size of the toonie on the right side fairing. It's on the sharp corner near the rear end of the fairing. It's not in the first photo, but it is in the second photo

View attachment 46961

View attachment 46962

Please check out these photos as well.

PM or call 778-858-3312 (I prefer a PM first, just to have a record)

If you have a Porsche 944 in running condition, I'll trade ya that plus I'l throw in a few grand.
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