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954 won't start.. fuel delivery problem

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ok.. just swapped in a new motor in my buddy's 954.. and it's not getting fuel.

we are getting spark for sure
air for sure
but no gas.. the fuel pump works, we tested the fuel line and it spit everywhere; as well we checked the voltage for the fuel rail thingers .. 4 of em.. all reading 12.8. so they're getting at least a base line signal.

having opened the intake butterflies and shone a flashlight in.. it's evident there is no gas being sprayed..

the bank angle sensor (or tip-over sensor) has been bypassed and is not the issue.

all the wiring was triple-checked.. we even tried swapping in a different cpu.

so.. i am at a total loss.. can anyone suggest something to look for? for some reason the bike will not spray gas into the combustion chamber.

oh yea.. and there are no error codes on the display..

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Are you using the original throttle bodies or the ones that came with the motor? I had the same problem with a Gixxer once and I put the original throttle bodies back on and it fired right up. Although everything check out electrically, it turns out that the injectors were plugged solid so I had them professionally cleaned tried them again and the bike ran with both.

Good luck.
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