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Article from today's Province:

The Province, Page C08, 15-Dec-2006
Book on Westwood brings back the great memories
By Nigel Matthews

My arrival in British Columbia during the mid 1970s was cause for concern to me.
How was I going to continue following my beloved motor racing? Ice hockey and baseball were really not my cup of tea. I later grew to like hockey.
The problem was soon solved when someone told me about a great little track called Westwood, located in a nearby rainforest less than 30 minutes away.
Having been spoilt since the age of 12, attending races at Brand Hatch, Silverstone and Thruxton, my first visit to Westwood left me with a feeling that this was rather tame in comparison.
Those thoughts changed very quickly as many a happy weekend was spent at the Mountain High Racing Circuit spanning 15 years.
One weekend in particular got me into a bit of hot water. I was married on Saturday and my new wife could not understand why we had to spend the next day at Westwood.
Tom Johnston's book Westwood: Everyone's Favourite Racing Circuit is an absolute must-have for anyone that was involved with Westwood, be it driving, spectating or as one of the incredible volunteers that made it all happen.
Canada's first purpose-built road racing circuit was built, owned and operated by the drivers, volunteers and their families.
Sir Stirling Moss visited the track on a number of occasions, and during a conversation with him last October, he told me he has very fond memories of Vancouver and Westwood in particular.
Westwood contributed to the racing career successes of Gilles Villeneuve, Jacques Villeneuve, Keke Rosberg, Michael Andretti, Bobby Rahal and Greg Moore, just to name a few.
Johnston's book fills in a lot of the gaps and missing pieces of the circuit's history and how it all came together from the opening day of July 26, 1959, until the sad day in October 1990 when it all came to an end, in the name of progress -- the Westwood Plateau housing development and a golf course.
This track has touched many lives including my own. Westwood Motorsport Park may be long gone, but it will never be forgotten.
The book, $54.95, is available at Wilkinson's Automobilia, 2531 Ontario St., Vancouver.
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