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Still loving the DCT VFR.

It's just an extra filter come change time.
I was wondering about that. Everything I've heard and read about the DCT says that it's an amazing system. I'm afraid that it may take away from the enjoyment of 'mastering' the motorcycle controls. Would you be able to elaborate more on the DCT experience? How is the VFR12 as well?

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OK here's some quick random impressions coming on 2 years in.

Was way overpriced, but found a new clearout for less that used was listed so score one for the good guys.

I only run in the manual mode, not drive or sport. Like everyone says it just jumps up to 6 way too fast.

The first gear engagement is harsh, but after that it's like butter. Even full throttle upshifts are smooth as glass.

Fuel econ is not great, but with the new high limit you can so a high as your comfort level will stand on the Coq and traveling at + speeds will see better economy. That said they could have fit a much bigger tank if they skipped the cladding, I'd say at least 6-8 more liters.

Looks are not great, both photos and in person. Looks OK when riding it though.

Have the hard bags and heated grips so a huge shift from 6 hour rides on a motard with a backpack.

Going back and forth to a geared bike will have you searching for a few minutes to reprogram either way. I haven't noticed any of the fueling issues that seem to be common on the manual version. I can say two things not to do are 1) do not blip on downshifts, and 20 do not trail throttle on the brakes. Drive is instant.

For past older VFR owners when you do an oil change you only need to pull the chin piece and the oil doesn't drip on the headers. It runs one typical canister filter and one internal filter for the clutch.

Reach to bars is perfect for me. Pegs though feel too low and far forward. Seat is OK but nothing magic.

Running a detector on a mount off the stem with the legal speeding bluetooth system so much more enjoyable on quick trips.

Overall I'm very happy with it and have no plans to get rid of it. It definately ticks the boxes for me as a traveling machine. It's not a sporty sunday morining sprinter but really who can risk that anymore?
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