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All Ladies Ride!

Hi everybody,
Just wanted to put the word out there.
I'm putting an All Ladies Group Ride together for this Saturday, May 11th.
We'll be meeting at The Chevron Gas Station on the corner of Rupert and E. 1st in East Vancouver at 10:00am

The more the merrier!


Veritas Aequitas
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all girls ride!

well i hope you do this again! i'd love to come along but am not comfortable enough riding yet.. but hopefully you do another all girls ride in a few weeks and you can count on me being there!!

Wear proper gear pls ;)
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MORE INFO on ride

This Saturday, May 11th @ 10:00am? WEATHER PERMITING, of course!
1st meeting spot - 10:00am: Chevron Station @ First Ave & Rupert in East Vancouver
2nd meeting spot - 10:30am: Carter Motorsports in Coquitlam, in Auto Trader building by "The Bargain Castle"

If those of you who are out in the Fraser Valley would like to, we could also stop @ The Chevron station at 232 exit in Langley.

We'll be going to Harrison.
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