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OK Well, the time has come to sell my gear.....Damn im gonna miss this stuff...this is all top of the line....Same gear used in school dances and other such events...please call 798-8993 for more info or email [email protected]

My Photobucket wont upload the pics so i can email them to you i also have a video of the mushroom light to if you want

I have up for sale
-Magnum 550 Smoke machine--$159.00---Perfect for any house..this machine will fill your room in 30 secs its amazing for such a small one. Come with half full bottle Fluid which will last you for a long time...It has push botton remote...and seperat unit can be bought if u want to hook it up to your computer

-Twin ballast Black light-$125.00--just your basic black light but supersized...keep it away from your gf bed..you dont wanna find whats on there!!!

-Chauvet Mushroom light-$200--just replaced bulb...Will turn to beat or preset timiming...this thing is pimp...definlty a must...poor mans laser show...

-8"MTX thunder sereies 600watt Sub in box--$100---

If you buy all this stuff i thow in a strobe light to....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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