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....the easy way. Lets just lower protective values of the industry standards, then give us a "Level 0 " mandate for use as "not-quite good enough" for crash protection-duty, but spend your money on Rossi and Nicki's contract anyway. One goal. One Vision.


So Alpinestars wants inferior textiles to be given a mandate, and while you're at it, lessen the requirements of the crash protection values for leather suits too. Restraint requirements? Our customers prefer stuff that moves around during a crash.

And Dainese, lets us know that the ribs and shoulder blades aren't worth protecting, but instead would like smaller "spine" protectors to be considered for a standard that is already compromised to allow useless items to be approved and to further provide coverage only for an area that already isn't affected by the levels of impact forces allowed anyhow, and all that certainly doesn't add anything to a solution for the fears of paralysis injury involving the areas. Seriously, Rossi should be ashamed. Inspried by Humans, but not made to protect them.

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