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An easy way to pick up a fallen motorcycle

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After dumping my bike at costco due to a sudden right turn stop, I found that it took 3 helping hands to help pick up my 400 lb bike.

I have been fearful of a standing drop ever since, since there may not always be someone to help you.

Don't laugh, but I actually thought that there might be a portable jack that can help you lift your bike up.

In searching the net this amazing technique turned up and I thought it would be nice to share.


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I have picked up my ninja 250 before by myself. It sure takes some might.
Good site, thanks for the link. I've known that method for a while, but it's a lot easier to explain with pictures (or a physical demonstration, and who really wants to lay their bike down to demo this?).
you have to think that your going to tip up the bike, not lift the bike, it's all about leverage....same as kickstarting a big bore...when you learn the right technique it all becomes easy....

Bill should have a clinic with his stunt bikes.....they have a cage so no harm to the bikes...
Do the current motorcycle courses teach this method?
BC Safety Council taught this method in the classroom, but I don't recall whether we were allowed to try it on the school bikes or not.
Lift with the knees. Not the back....
:laughing :laughing :laughing

Raphael you lift WITH your back. Have a look at this website. You don't need a jack. I have picked up a Goldwing which weighs 800 or so lbs. My FJ1200 is approaching 600 lbs and I have picked that up. Both placing myself facing away from the bike and grabbing the side with my hands. You just don't want to lift it so fast that it goes flying the other way and does a real number on the bike. It happens.

Here is another site that explains how.
if you cant get the bike upright on your own you shouldnt be riding without other people there. IMO that is just plain stupid!
Why are all the pictures of girls? :confused
Why are all the pictures of girls? :confused
much easier on the eyes :rockon
When I dumped my bike I ran over and picked it up by myself while facing towards it...

Guess it was the adrenaline. Also the horrifying sight of it on it's side gave me superhuman strength. :)
Why are all the pictures of girls? :confused
I would assume that it is to show that you do not have to be a big person to do this technique, cus as was said before they are definitely not easy on the eyes
I just leave it there and wait for a corner worker to do it lol.

I have seen the guys try to push it up before and wind up dropping it on the other side.
approach the bike from its side, grab the handle bars, lift up with the knee.
Like the others said, you are tipping the bike back up, not lifting it.

I recently fell and was really amazed that I lifted my 600 myself.
It took 3 people to pick up an R1? that's crazy.
I've never had trouble picking up my tank of a 7r by myself. ok, once I required help.. but it was up-side down next to the trailer at the time..
Sounds like some people need a gym pass for xmas.
I dumped my bike at 15km on a slippery bridge (sv650) and me and a 16 year old girl picked it up in a flash, motivated by adrenaline! I haven't dropped it since, just got it up checked it over and off I went.
Tylo604 - I had that same adrenaline and super strengh! The sight of it on the ground horrified me!

Raphael - Were you the one puttin up all those posts about "Surviving an R1 by a Noob" and such????

After reading those posts its a shock to read the first 4 words of this post...

Hope your R1 can survive a noob...
Were you the one puttin up all those posts about "Surviving an R1 by a Noob" and such????

After reading those posts its a shock to read the first 4 words of this post...

Hope your R1 can survive a noob...
Shhhhh. We don't mention the name of the bike anymore...

Whatever you do, Raphael, don't grab the undertail exhaust when you are trying to lift up the bike, that is assuming you have that bike (ahem) that has the undertail youknowwhat.
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