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I've got a brand new pair of 2007 Anon Realm ski/board goggles with the snakeskin pattern with an extra lens and bag. I ordered them from boardzone.com and the total came to $240. They just came to my door, I was so stoken, they looked fukn wicked....but they dont fit my head well, ive got to have them as small as possible to even get a decent fit....unfortunately i take function over fashion so I can't keep em. As of the time of this post the goggles are 15 mins old and will not leave their bag again until someone buys them. As previously mentioned I paid $240 for these and Id like to get as much of this back as possible. Make me an offer and keep it reasonable, im not mr.moneybags over here.

as pictured below except the silver accents are actually gold...and much sexier.
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