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Any girls interested in going to Leguna Seca?

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I really want to go to leguna scea this coming year and have no one to go with? Any girls wanna go? either ride or vechicle down,.. or fly.. I dont care as long as I am there..:rockon
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Doesnt matter to me just need to know so we can get tixs and find somewhere to stay.

I might be up for it...driving or riding.
funny u posted this on here i was just gonna PM you on IR to do it cuz there's a LOT more women to add to the possibility list - i've given it some thought and seeing as how i've got some major road trips planned for this summer with a few new friends, what's one more to add to the list... i'm definitely in!
That would be awesome!! When is it-sometime in July right?? Gettin a whole gang of ladies together would rock goin down there! I definately might be down if I can get the time off work...
:rockon great times to be had.. hopefully janesee we can get this going
all housing in the area is sold out or over $500/night. tickets are going fast too. last year people were booking the hotels for this coming year....

just a heads up

btw, im driving down n trailerin 2 bikes.
I'm in!

I'm going for sure and maybe martigirl73.
We have a whole co-ed crew going down :rockon
K girls we need to find out whos wanting to do this and actually get something going and fast.. So if you want to go pm me and we can all try and work something out.:rockon
Think it sounds great. I wouldn't mind coming along.
k im possibly going:rockon got a hotel room booked 17km from the track and 8 from the bay.. just need confirmation on some other stuff now.:rockon :rockon :rockon :rockon :rockon :rockon :rockon Im flying down on thursday july 20 and leaving monday july 24th.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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