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I'm looking to purchase some gear and this site, motocard.com (apparently from Spain), sells them at a much lower price than any other sites I can find.

I did some googling and they seem legit, but most of the buyer's responses are from Europe. I'm just wondering if anyone here has purchased anything from them before and what's your opinion on them?
Avoid Avoid Avoid!!!
Avoid Avoid Avoid!!!
I made the mistake of buying a jacket for £165.00 from this company. The website did advertise free shipping until I got to the check out, that’s when a box pops up and states that custom fees may apply?? No mention of how much but seeing that I work in dispatch and send items all over the world I figured it would probably be around £10-£15 at most for a lightweight jacket.
So stupidly I went ahead with the purchase. After a week or so I received an email saying that my goods will be delivered soon and an extra £70 will need to be paid directly to the courier UPS. That’s just under 40%… I immediately told them to cancel my order and refund my account. This was ignored and a week later UPS arrived with the delivery. I refused it and UPS said it would be returned to sender.
This all happened in August of last year. I have tried to get a refund from Motocard and only been told that my goods are held in customs. I have contacted customs and have been told that Motocard needed to request the item from customs.
Now Motocard have started to ignore my emails…
If I could award this company zero stars I would but basically if you live in the UK then avoid Motocard… unless you are happy to pay an extra 40% of the overall value of the products.
I will be taking legal action involving trading standards.
Avoid avoid avoid!!!
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