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Article selection guidlines inside. Please read.

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With the web getting too attractive to ambulance chasing lawyers these days we need to be selective about what we post here. I've added the guidlines below so you know what we can and cannot use. If in doubt send the material, links or whateve to me and I'll look into it.

Thanks to all those that have sent ideas so far. Unfortunetley I can't use a lot of it as it doesn't meet the guidelines below.

Basically I can't use scans from magazines that have a price tag on the front cover. If they are older than 5 years and it's still pertinent then maybe.

I can't use anything that comes from a Pay As You Go site like Motorcycle Online is these days. Or material that is traceable back to such a site regardless of where you found it.

What I can do is post up material that is shown to be available to the open net or through open and FREE pulications. I can also post links to sites that have material but I won't post them if it's pirated material. Sites with original material will be contacted and permission to repost requested. Their wishes will be honored regardless of the answer.

And finally I don't have any issues with stuff you write yourself...

It's getting nasty out there and it just doesn't pay to take chances especially with our site being popular enough to warrant the eye of Big Brother.

Good hunting Article Aces....
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