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I got a 196.00 ticket for an "improperly mounted licence plate". My plate is a little bent, where the Beautiful British Columbia is written, so I can mount it directly to the underside of the seat unit. The plate is completely visible, but according to Dudley Do-Right, it is illegal because I don't have it lighted and I am not using the OEM rear fender. I can understand the part about the light, but, having searched the Motor Vehicle Act website, I can't find anything on using the OEM mounting. It only states that you can't alter or distort any number or letter on your plate. Any advice on this would be appreciated.
Sorry buddy but he got you, rear plates have to be illuminated that's the law I just don't think you got a leg to stand on all the other stuff is just incidentals but he got you on the light........pay the fine get a cheap led and wire it in 'nuff said.
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