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Finally, more than 3 months after the crash (only 2 that I remember), I bought a bike today. I've done at least 2 dozzen test rides on over a dozzen different types of bikes and I still ended up buying exactly what I had before, just a year older! So now I'm just waiting for a nice(ish) day to go pick up my '02 CBR600 F4i and go for a blast.
It's very exciting for obvious reasons, but very depressing at the same time. Last year I rode straight through the winter and loved every minuite of it, but this year... well, my wife could go into labour any time now and I figure it's not worth being out on the bike, in the rain or worse, and being in a rush to get home when I get the call. So here, I'll have this new toy calling to me, teasing me, waiting for me to go for a ride, and I'll just let it sit there. Sad, isn't it. I can't think of a better reason to let it sit though :surrender
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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