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go down a bit and watch the trailer
make sure to watch to the end to find out what do with a Gixxer.
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that's worst than bad!!!..poor Gixxer....love the girls though..!!:rockon :laughing
i just don't get it... maybe its because my parents aren't rich
oh sweet good

that poor bike... sweet fucking good.... that my heart stop for a bike :(
that was completely uncalled for!
Nice!!!! Fuk Sat thats what you shoulda done... chuck a brand new bike off a tall building.
i would if i had the $$ to blow and or an investor in the film/s. Lol!
those badkids need to be punished for destroying a bike like that!
I don't think you would ever have a boring day if they were your friends, unless that was in fact your bike.
falkkkkkk new ass bike all went to shit..
they are pretty much a retard version of jack ass
Poor bike man...what a waste.
thats the STUPIDEST shit ive ever seen! Bunch of rich mommas boys trying to act tough? Stupid fucks, that was a nice bike! At least jackass wasnt a bunch of black-wannabees
Those guys are a waste of skin.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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