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Learning to balance my tires, need to make sure I'm not missing something. Seems like a simple idea, spin it, mark the heavy spot, weight the opposite.

When I was spinning it today it needed more weight than I had. Where does one buy wheel weights?

I'm kind of bothered by the idea of having to put tons of weight on it, seeing as it just had one itty bitty weight before. Different tire, different weight, I guess.

I'm mounting Pirelli SuperCorsas, didn't see any paint on the sidewall indicating the lightest part of the tire. So I just chucked it on. Is there some other marking I should be looking for?

Please spare me the coolio comments. Not that that thread wasn't hilarious.


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If you find that it takes a lot of weight, break the bead and spin the rubber 180 and try it there. Any tire place should sell you stick on weights.
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