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[h=6]Mission Raceway Parks

GiRL gAnG invites you to..

.. warm up.. get ready.. on your marks.. get set... ready..... GO!!!...:

Young and Old..
Fast or Slow... BIKES... that is..

Come to the West WestCoast SuperbikeSchool tents..
(behind the start/finish line on the front straight)

Have a great time and develop a com·rad·ery with fellow women that just want to ride without all the pressure.

We are here to answer your questions, lend you a wrench, give you some shade and have a girlie good time in a "not-so-stressed" race environment for newbies, mothers, and girly girls.
We are women after all and more than likely have a sense of self preservation and Maybe we don't want to spend half our day talking about brake levers and fork fluids..
( with super-fast (super kewl) boys.)

We are here to look out for each other.. so bring your family, friends and lets open up the track to the ladies..

We are looking for sponsors!!
.. You WILL be a winner just for coming out.

Ladies......StARt YouR ENgINES!!!
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