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I see a lot of
What helmet is best? What fits best? threads. So lets all post reviews of the helmets we're using/ or have used.

1. HJC LS Airtech 2 (discontinued)
my first helmet
-poor venting/fogs very easily
-decent comfort for a fairly heavy lid
-shield swapping is a pain ( have to use a screw driver)
-aerodynamics are ok

2. AGV demon top
-fit and finish is mediocre
-fairly comfortable and light
-little things like chin vent broke and the shield mechanism is very loose so if you put it up it falls right back down
-good ventilation system
-catches the wind when shoulder checking ( can be a suprise the first time or two as it pulls on your neck)
-swapping shields is a pain (very similar system to arai)

3. HJC FG12 (discontinued)
-their former top of the line race helmet
-very comfortable
-almost as light as a shoei rf1000
-easy to swap shields (no tools)
-fogs fairly easily
-venting is ok
- good aerodynamics

4. KBC VR2
-very comfortable
-good venting (for some reason the tinted shield fogs more easily versus the clear)
-good aerodynamics (i dont feel it catching the wind when i shoulder check
-easy to swap shields (no tools)

Post up what you've used and how well you think it performs

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Scorpion EX700 (www.scorpionusa.com)

- My first helmet
- A little noisey and whistles when I turn my head to the side
- Excellent antifog
- Super easy to change shields
- Removable liner than can be thrown in the washing machine
- Breath guard built in
- Excellent venting, you can actually feel the difference between opened or closed if your head is a little damp from sweat. if you head is dry...not so much
- Heavy helmet
- Not bad graphics
- $200 USD

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Arai Quantum E - discontinued
- nice helmet
- comfy soft feel inside against my cheeks temple
- noisey helmet
- good quaility paint, stayed nice and shiney even when i don't clean the outside.
- good locking sheild mechanism, shield can be opened to just as much or little as you like, no clicking when opening shield.
- ventilation was good.
- shield changing is hard until you learned how to do it - no tools needed
- no fogging issues, due to good venting
- has a breath gaurd, but doesn't really do much.
- easey to operate vents with gloves on
- held up great in a crash, was expecting a head ache crunch when i hit th ground but didnt feel like anything.

HJC AC10 - discontinued
- nice light helmet
- good venting
- finish on the paint was so so - got scratched up easily with dirty rainy rides and wiping off left scratches
- vents are a bit more difficult to use while riding
- sheild mechanism was not the best as it lifted up when over 150km/hr and you shoulder check
- removeable liner makes cleaning easy
- coolmax lining was cooler than the arai, but didn't feel as soft. It seemed to wear a bit faster than the arai's materials too.
- great value for thr price
- good replacement for my Arai

Arai Quantum F
- same as the quantum e with better venting
- updated sheild removal mechanism made it a lot easier.
- nice finish on the paint.

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-Very cheap, cost $220 after tax
-Looks hot
-Not as heavy as a cheap helmet usually would be
-Slightly louder than the more expensive helmets
-Sealing around visor creates scratch marks where it contacts the visor. This doesn't effect visiblity but makes the helmet look cheap upon close examination.
-Has a locking mechanism to keep the visor from opening during high-speed shoulder checks
-Mouth vent is very effective
-Optional breath guard completely solves cold weather fog problems
-Visor comes with anti-fog coating on inside which works very well
-Extremely easy to remove and re-attach visor
-Very comfortable
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