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This thread is to provide formal acknowledgement to the BCSB forefathers who coined awesomesauce terms written first on BCSB.com. I will edit the list as I find them in the forum, but please use this thread to bring my attention to terms that require appreciation. A second reference by a second poster is required for the OP to get credit. A half-hearted google search will be performed to ensure credit is not falsely given where it's not deserved. Attempts to coin new words just to get listed in this hall of fame will be unfairly ignored at my discretion.

A-List (n) ZenofZoom. A group of riders who existed on BCSB who would post up rides after they had done them, just to share with the rest of the community that their special rides were invitation only events. The demographic was largely made up of people who were very unpopular in highschool. Legend has it that the majority of the A-listers have herpes from having unprotected sex with each other. The existence of the A-list became a topic of ridicule on this forum and in a series of drunken Pub Nights, the V-list was born.See also V-List
Axe-Man (n) - TripleTime. A Fraser Valley film star with a penchant for gardening, and chopping down trees and riders. Rumoured to be related by marriage to Rake-Man.
Bayside Effect (n) - vstromgreg. A scientifically-unproven theory that revenue is inversely and exponentially proportional to customer service. The formula: 1/(any thread + 'bayside')*sqrt(butthurt dogpile clusterbang of epic proportions) = Revenue.
Bingo Dobber - Bandito. A tool used by riders to mark their underwear, as a reminder of a yut-gaaauh moment during their ride.
Chain Rube (n) - leechiahan. A lubricant whose purpose is to make the BCSB search function seemingly inoperable, forgotten, or even invisible.
Church (n) - Flag. A place of worship on Taylor Way at which thanks and reverence are paid to the God of Farkle for 35 minutes, before riding 20 minutes to buy a coffee.
CLB aka Craigslist Bandito (n) - CoolDaddyGroove. A method of passively engaging in online commerce from afar, to piss off the time-waster that wanted free delivery on an item for which he offered less than half the asking price, postponing the sale twice, and asking for receipts to prove ownership.
Duffey Lake Douche Bag (n) - Chia. Rider who waits on the side of the road, waits for a group of riders to pass, then proceeds to pass each in succession in the middle of dangerous turns. AKA DLDB. See also "Wanker'. Not to be confused with anti-HST voters in either Pemberton or Lillooet.
Flatire (n) - Flatire. Representing the Official Opposition of Everything, this dirtbike enthusiast renewed his BCSB membership in Oct 2011 before succumbing once again to the Banhammer - this time after only a brief but annoying, profanity-laden, cop-hating, troll-baiting, one-week visit. See also 'Dirty Bill' , 'TrollBot', 'CommieBot', 'Sexbot', 'Breakfastandcoffeebot, 'SlowBot', 'Spambot', and 'What the Fuckbot'
FrostyFest (n) - TripleTime. The derailing, shit-flow flurry of typing, angst and anger that occurs immediately after a racist, sexist, religious, nationalist, or otherwise slanderous or insulting post and immediately before an entry in the Banhammer reinstates calm and civility for 2-10 days. See also the sticky How to put someone on Ignore.

Funbuster (n) - DNASparks. One who uses questionable authority to diminish the unbridled enjoyment of others. See 'Parkranger', and 'VPD'.
Hammered (v) - Mosquito. To have received a courtesy visit from another motorcycle vendor, during which tools were discussed.
Handito (v) - Slingshot. To be so obnoxious as to warrant the personal attention of Bandito. To metaphorically receive the Handito (a cross between a pearl necklace and a sarcasm laden retort). (n) Subsequently turned into a hand signal commonly used while riding and experiencing something that displeases you.

Harp (v) - CG / Steve. 1) To break violently the motorcycle of another person, 2) To cause another's motorcycle to undergo sudden damage or destruction upon impact with the racetrack
Harpmosa (v,n) - CrotchRocketeer. The act of riding too fast for one's skill level and crashing another person's bike hard on the street, wearing minimal riding gear, resulting in a trip to the hospital, and a written off or severely damaged bike for your buddy.
Insect Overlord (n) – Syncro. The Corporate Shadow of motorcycle.com that briefly darkened the Happy Valley of Sportbike Sunshine in Nov 2013. Once alleged to have been the cause of 165,000 downloads of AdBlock in BC alone, and reportedly responsible for the sale of thousands of rolls of tinfoil, the Overlord (aka PhilipB) confirmed #DrinkCocaCola that there will be no changes to the advertising systems on BCSB.com. In fact, advertisements are #FordTough down, and user reaction has been overTYLENOLwhelmingly in favor of changes to the site.
Jecky II (n) - wonton_boi. A moderator who banhammers members excessively for little or no reason for extended periods of time. To receive a Jecky II (pronounced jeckytoo) was the final initiation ceremony for candidacy in the Troll Awards.
Kawi=Junk (fact) - PUREVIL. See also Honda=Boring™, Suzuki=Wannabes™, Yamaha=Posers™, Ducati=Overrated™, Aprilia=Insecure™, BMW=Compensation™, Harley Davidson=Garbage™, and Buell=See Harley™
K-Rod (v) - Shovelhead. Copying, cutting and pasting with your mouse is pretty straightforward, but using keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of time. Select your items to copy or cut as above. To select all items on a page or folder, you can use the CTRL+A or Command + A shortcut: hold down the CTRL button (on Windows) or Command key (on Mac) then hit the A key. Then hit these keys together to copy, cut, and paste them: Windows: Hold down the CTRL key then click C to copy or X to cut, V to paste. Mac: Hold down the Command key (⌘). Then, as with Windows, click: C to copy or X to cut, V to paste
Moving to Seattle (v) - Slingshot. To pitch a fit of epic proportions and call everyone out before allegedly retiring from the site. Or not.
Noobarb (n) - Bandito. Newb who places his motorcycle in the rhubarb without complete and full intention of doing so. (v)- To place foliage between a Newb's fairings and motor prior to bringing the vehicle to a full stop.
Phantamoor81 Award (n) - Kerunt. Monthly award bestown on the rider most likely to have a Forest Gump poster above his fireplace mantle.
Pull a Frosty (v) - Kerunt. To place forcibly in one's radiator substantial evidence that Rudolph and Bambi are not entirely fictitious
Pull a Phantom (v) - various. 1) To come out of a turn, pulling a wheelie, sideways, in 7th gear. 2) To be dismissed from the BCSB general population after three dozen insulting posts, and quickly return to living under a bridge in damp obscurity. See also 'Troll'. See also 'Taimoored' (v)
PVP (n) G-slide. Poser Value Points. A complex mathematical system that calculates one's right to drink a latte in front of the store, rather than around the back. Based on the premise that yellow is faster.
Retardobahn (n) - Jaybo. 1) The 45km stretch of Hwy 99 beneath Air 1. 2) Accompanied by Benny Hill music, Shriner's Circus-style riding techniques, and up to 45 new-to-me tightly bunched motorcycles, a race repeated several times daily from the license check in Squamish to the tow truck / ghost car combo near the Lions Bay overpass.
Rhubarb (n) - CoolDaddyGroove. An undeveloped location at the bottom of a small ravine, often near a road, where motorcycles are occasionally parked upside down.
5:25 (n) - Bandito. Coded reference for S2S (Sea to Sky), the 50 km long poser pilgrimage from the Church to the Holy Squambux. AKA '521' (Sea to Impound), '524' (Sea to Awesomess), and '5-TWENTY-5'
s2awesomness (n) - Made Man. Sarcastic reference to an epic ride between Taylor Way and Squambux
Shed of Doom (n) - ssblade / DNAspark99. A curious abomination of 2x4s, 4x8 sheets, bent screws and euclidean geometry used to provide temporary refuge to the Langley wildlife living below it, and the gardening shears used to build it. See also 'M.C. Escher' and 'Viral Piece of Shit'
Smokeshow (v) - Son of Lars. 1) to encourage others to see your point of view by using your helmet to make contact with their head, causing pain and possibly brain damage. 2) to be a scapegoat for all things bad in the world. See DLDB.
Snewb (n) - K-Rod. A velocity-challenged new rider who can not reach sufficient speed as to reach the rhubarb when control is lost. Defining characteristics of a snewb's bike include lightly scratched framesliders and grips resulting from low-speed or stationary drops in underground parking lots.
Squaffee/Squambux/Squampton/Squish/Squabucks, etc (n) - vstromgreg. The destination of all rides leaving from the church on Taylor Way. Various nicknames for the destination have existed for decades, but by coining squaffee in 2010, vstromgreg first merged the drink and destination - freeing up valuable time that had been previously wasted typing two or even three words.
Stunna (n) - FiSh_Extreme. One who does not use all the tires on their vehicle at the same time. In a nod to the inner-city culture, this subgroup uses hoodies and loud music to identify themselves. Protective armour is worn on the outside, rumoured to be because hoodies add 10 lbs on camera.
Swamp People (n) - made Man. Riders who fear or dislike riding in urban settings. See also 'Oscar Meyer customers'
Team Troll (n) - toomuchgsxr. An irreverent underground subgroup of the BCSB community who enlighten others with opposing and thought-provoking points of view. Sharing opinions freely, this group has been known to briefly visit other forums, to the amusement of some, the annoyance of others, and to the dismay of moderators everywhere. See also 'Ebicat' and 'Adam112'
Tupperware Party (n) - Bandito. 1) A social gathering held on pavement, often near a motorcycle, during which new or lightly-used pieces of plastic are collected or traded. 2) The birthplace of a 'Ghetto Street Fighter'.
Tupperware Torpedo (n) - WILD FX. A two-wheeled vehicle of Asian or European descent made entirely of plastic and ego, ridden only to compensate for small reproductive organs.
Unknown Rider (n) - Jayson. A reclusive member of the motorcycle community, Unknown Rider has been the subject of countless crashes and several RIP threads. Although it has been noted by several members that Unknown Rider and Sky have never been seen together, and although a member of BCSB until banhammered for opening a second account, Unknown Rider continues to elude identification.
V-List (n) - BLADERUNNER_954. The mandate of the V-list was to include all riders, regardless of their choice of ride and their motto is "Sometimes when I come, I fart a little". The "shocker" was adopted as the official wave/greeting and later replaced with the "minivan" because it won more humour points. No actual shockers or minivans were exchanged between participants .The etymology of V-List has ranged through many words being substituted for the letter V. Originally, it referenced V-Twins, but later came to include the word vagina when CHIA bought a 650, leading to the HE-Strom/She-Strom analogy and is the reason that most people know the DL-650 as the VaginaStrom.
:flip:flip Welcome :flip:flip (interj) - Anonymous. The last thing a BCSB newcomer reads before reading 'REPOST" and "ATGATT" in every response to his/her every post for the next 4 months.
Wheel Weight (n) - FlowRider. An optional high-performance component of the reverse stabilization system on modern race bikes. Maintains terrestrial proximity of front tire. See also 'Blinker Fluid'.
Wherethefukawe (adj)- Frank Einstein. Type of BCSB ride during which a compass and/or GPS is required.

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I'm pretty sure I've coined a few terms around here that have since fallen into popular vernacular

off the top of my head, looks like I was first to mention the funbusters ...

I like traffic cones :S
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Don't forget "Harped". Act of getting your bike crashed after letting someone else ride it

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What a great thread. Eventually needs to be stickied methinks.

My only one I can think of is the Sumas Mountain Axe Man. SMAM? From one of the August Valley Rides a couple of weeks ago.

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You were first to use 'Smokeshowed' but I originally couldn't find a 2nd collaborating reference. I did, however, find a subsequent reference (I forget whose) to 'Smokeshow' in that same context. Therefore, you get credit.
Sweet! I knew I'd used it early on, but wasn't sure if I'd picked it up from someone else. :)

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Nexus Pass: Elitist pass that grants you quick and easy access to the holy land of motorcycle riding. Must give up all rights, soul, dignity, and self respect to the US border guards to get one.
Sorry, fails both the google test and the 'trying to get into this thread by making up a definition' test.
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