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Hi there everyone,

I've been reading threads on this board for quite awhile now and have finally registered to post a thread.

As you can see in my signature i have a cbr f4i. I bought this bike used about 2 months ago and just finally got it insured. Motorcycles are new to me and this will be my first bike. My question is that i find that my bike makes a chattering sound when the bike is running more than 5000 rpm. I've never ridden any other bikes before and am wondering if this is normal for a bike like this. When the bike is running below 5000 rpm everything sounds smooth but once it reaches 5000 rpm or so it sounds as if something is activated and a chattering sound (tsk tsk tsk tsk...) begins.

I'm hoping that i will be able to get used to my bike soon, so that i may ride with all you guys. Sounds like a lot of fun but your rides sound out of my league for not.


Hmm, it sounds like the dreaded cam chain tensioner problem (CCT
yep, gotta agree with that...my last bike was an F3 and it made that sort of noise at 5000rpm...i sold it rather than getting it fixed:rolleyes :rolleyes
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