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Bike smashed by a car in my apartment parking spot...

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Seriously WTF is wrong with people...
I get home tonight and 5 min later hear a big *crash* outside, run to the balcony and see that my bike is laying on its side, and some gray SUV is pulling away from it (from my parking spot) and about to drive off, i saw their licence plate partially (fucking paint on the letters was kinda worn out) looked like 742 MPN. I nearly jumped off my second story balcony to chase them... fuck this world...
Literally only been 2 months since i got the bike back from being repaired from the last hit and run... someone is seriously targeting me :'(
Now i'm thinking if i should maybe just try and get it as a write off and get some cash for it... having to fork $750 twice in a row for a bike that cost me $4200 2 years ago seems like maybe it isn't worth it...
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Little known fact. If your hit and run rig is from out of province YOU ARE NOT COVERED. I.C.B.C. will only cover you if they do not know who is responsible. If you find the fucker that left the scene has out of province plates,LOOK AWAY . Weird rule those folks have but it fucked my nephew.
Then just talk to the guys in the Long Gun Registry thread and find out what kind of firearm will suit your application.
Conspiracy to commit murder may be the wrong tact. Just sayin'.
How is that different then getting into the accident outside the province with it being somebody else's fault?
Not sure. But nephew was backed into by someone. Contacted ICBC and was fully covered under his comprehensive. Later in the week he noticed his paint color under a bumper in the neighborhood with a tailpipe exactly matching the hole in his car. Was confirmed by police to be the car, but it was from Alberta, He has to sue the car owner directly ICBC will not pay a nickle or help in any way. YUP HE GOT THE SHAFT.
"It takes too long." They actually use that excuse and get away with it?

Jesus. BC's the worst for justice.
LOL The rules and regulations might be a little fucked up from time to time but its still the best place on the planet. Note: possession of alcohol is a capitol offence in some countries:)
That's exactly what happens, contrary to the misinformation in this thread.

As a BC resident, if you weren't at fault in your accident and the driver that hit you was uninsured or it was a hit-and-run accident, you're entitled to damages from ICBC's Uninsured-Unidentified Motorist Protection Fund if your accident happened in an area of Canada or the United States where no similar fund exists to cover these claims. Medical-rehab costs that haven't been paid by ICBC or another insurer may be paid to you as part of your damages.

When an at-fault driver doesn't have enough liability insurance to pay your medical costs, or to compensate you to the degree that you're entitled, ICBC's Underinsured Motorist Protection (UMP) Fund will cover you for up to $1 million (or more, with extended UMP coverage) - provided you or someone in your household has a valid BC driver's license and doesn't owe money to ICBC. (You can also buy a stand-alone UMP policy.) Your UMP award will be reduced by any benefits you've received (or are entitled to) from any source, including Part 7 (no-fault) accident benefits; Uninsured-Unidentified Motorist Protection; and money from an at-fault driver or her insurer.
I sure hope you are right on this Klutch. My nephew is still fighting with ICBC about this. They refuse to pay and it could be an employee that has "head up ass''. Or it could be that the current owner of said rig is under suspension. Not sure what the answer is but I sure hope you are right and it comes out in the wash. It has been several months now, still no joy. Is it possible that if there are no physical injuries only car damage they have an out?
Police are less likely to help in a case of property damage. Icbc may be able to help you. Get your camera out and take a kabillion photos of all the impact areas on your bike and the dipshits rig. Pick your best 6 and eat a pound of honey,then go to your local ICBC claims office. They do not need police permission to charge an accident to another persons insurance. It may not work but wtf you can try. Whatever you do you better hope someone does not damage the dipshits car in the next few years, 'cause they will be all over you like a fat kid on a smartie.
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