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Billy Lane kills motorcyclist

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Has anyone heard about Billy Lane, the chopper idiot, being charged in the death of a motorcyclist?
He's accused of being drunk, pulling out to pass, and running head-on into a motorcyclist.
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Slam, you take this one...
Is it related to this thread, or is he up to it again?

EDIT: Shoot.....did I take the coveted "repost" post? Sorry Slam and thundergod.
i swear some people are on a 6 month tape delay to life.
Ooops. Saw it on another site... thought it was news. My extreme bad.
lol - I saw the user name start with co and assumed it was Coolio hahaha
Would that have mattered?
Dead is dead, drunk is drunk, and guilty is guilty.. at least most of the time.
Good work officers! :evilgrin
wow, it's been so long i forgot about it. what ever happened to that whole thing? found guilty? any sentencing? slap on the wrist?
Watching an old biker buildoff or whatever yesterday. Billy Lane had talked about drinking beer to stay warm during a gas stop. Way to lay track for the prosecution.
that was the episode where the bike caught fire due to a shitty tank weld.

he was drinking jack from the bottle during the build, and tossed a bit in the tank to christen it even.

i do remember some kind of frosty beverage in the shot while at the gas station. if so, his drinking and driving is caught on tape.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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