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Congratulations Andrew.....from the looks of today's photos the nicest it will ever look is as it did last night..And I for one nominate Roger for father of the year! :thumbup
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i love the 10 year old giving the shocker haha. two in the goo, one in the poo and a ride on a Husky.
Andrew is 13 and I couldn't tell you where he learned that :evil
What a happy lil dude, sweet bike. . . congrats Andrew!

Saw the other pics they looked great.
Congrats Andrew - Christmas came early. Nice bike - +1 for Rog for Dad of the Year :thumbup
Woohoooooooooooo!!! :rockon Roger, wanna adopt a 33 year old? :laughing
I know eh? Adopt me next!

Congrats Andrew!
Kewl bike Andrew, you are one lucky lil fokker :)

Way to go Rog!
aww Thor thank you so much for posting these pics. i guess the leaf does not fall far from the tree. it amazes me how fast kids grow up, and i am glad that he has encountered many of you guys on rides that he has been on. it seems like many of you share a little gem of experience with him, which in turn one day , i hope will make him a well rounded rider.

Pete, and Kent, no i'm not adopting yer asses. one day your turns will come with your own lil riders, and your wallets will feel like mine did this last few days:laughing , but these are the memories that will last a lifetime.

i sure would like to know which one of the motherfokkers from the sleemans race team, showed him that hand gesture. i expect the school to be calling anyday now:laughing
Just have the school give me a call on my new number Rog (604)696-1033 ;)
Congratulations Andrew! Way to go! You'll definitely be the envy of your class with that Christmas present. Roger, you are an awesome DAD :rockon Merry Christmas and have fun rippin' it up together in the coming new year!
thats gonna be trouble...

the legacy continues!!!

Andrew is so spoiled, but then he is a good kid to. although the 2 in the pink and 1 in the stink gesture might be a sign of his fathers imaturity lol! i kid, cool bike Andrew! and cool on you Daddyrunner954! I cant wait to give my son or daughter thier first, and second bike:)
HAHA look at that smile! man what a lucky kid you are to have a dad like Rog....good job Rog!
wow that's freakin awesome!!!!!
man, he must be the coolest kid in town
i was still riding my bmx back when i was his age...
bladerunnerJR is now know as HuskyRyder :laughing
way to bring up an old thread...
way to bring up an old thread...
that was the idea
wtfok. someone lock this thread before it gets out of hand:laughing
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