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So I ordered up this sprocket from a guy in the states for my Drag bike..
and because he is a freaking moron and doesnt know the difference between a cbr 900 and a 929, he thought it would be ok to send me a sprocket for a 929 ( which also fits the 954 and 1000RR)

I'm not going to send it back as he wont pay shipping and I dont think he would give me my money back anyways...
So i'll cut my losses and put her up on here..

This was to go my My 98 Honda CBR 900 Drag bike with around 200Hp..
This sprocket is one of the best around and I bought it because it utilizes and aluminum center ( to save weight) and Steel teeth all held together by TITANIUM rivets! Half the weight twice the strength!!!

Even though it cost me over $100 to get her...I'll let it go for $60 plus you pay the shipping.

Like I said its brand new and I still have the Cardboard it came in...as obviously it doesnt bolt up to my cbr 900
SO first one to either email me the money, paypal it...or mail me a money order has themselves a KILLER new sprocket!

Its a 42 tooth incase you were wondering...
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