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98,01 ,02 as well ,maybe diff as far as the subframe and lines of the frame go ,id stick with pre 02 ,i put r7 set on a yzf 750 last year and took it off and sold the kit to 5th gear ,here it is . http://www.borderlinecustomcycle.com/r7oldstuff.htm

here is the body as it looks now ,i think he stil has it ,the belly has been modified thou ,it may not have the same clearence

it was a struggle but i managed to get the factory R7 seat pad (took a year to find ) ,factory r7 undertail (just luck ) and a double bubble windscreen from LP ( special order ,had to be built )

i think he stil has it all ,Pm him ,he might part with it

You getting it from sharkskinz ?

they make a r7/1 kit that bolts on to r1's and those kits were used at the TT by yami teams on r1's .

only prb with them is the tail is stil too r1'ish .
they sell the headlights as well.


the kits are crazy hard to find .
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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