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Buying gear online

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I was just wondering if anyone knew of any good online sites to buy riding gear from? Preferably places within BC/Canada.

Also anyone have any opinions on Joe Rocket jackets? Good/bad?

Thanks for the help.
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Do a quick search under 'online vendors'

Its pretty limitted in Canada. We have some site sponsors that you may want to look at. Also try some Cdn Ebay vendors like this one:


As for the US, try newenough.com as a starting point.
There you go. More closer to home is not possible.
I have a Joe Rocket jacket and the zippers have broken already after 2 months of usage. Very poor quality for the zips. I don't know about the quality of the armour or the fabric/leather.
I have been buying leather gear from motostrano.com , their prices are very good even with the shipping...
thanks alot for the help guys
Don't worry too much about buying Stateside, just make sure the items are shipped USPS, not Fedex or UPS. There's tons to choose from; I got an Icon TiMax 2 mesh jacket and Mainframe helmet from Winter Park Motorsports in Florida for like $300...half the price of any retail store. Bayside in Vancouver has good prices too.
we are open 10am to 11pm 7 days week. We will attempt to match any online price.
I've ordered a few times from Ridegear.com - never had a problem and if you find a price lower than theirs like motorcycle superstore they'll give you the lower price... and yes they should ship usps. Shipping takes about 2wks.
Head to Bayside performance. Kevin is a great guy to deal with! I bough a pair of super moto gloves off of him and got them in a speedy fashion. Plus, its cheaper to by off of him because youll get nailed with duty and shit from a US site. Come on, support a Canadian and might I add local British Columbian company!
Actually yeah, Bayside will pretty much match what you can find online. Just remembered I bought a visor, gloves and taillight from them for the same/lowest price I could find on eBay. Shipping was cheaper, delivery was faster, and no hidden brokerage fees.
judging by the responses, I'd have to say that bayside gets my business.
Just email a list of the items you would like. If you have prices that you need us to match or beat include that as well.

Or call for information. We have alot of items online now and alot more on the way!
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