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I just returned from a week long california adventure with Pacific Riding School. They took us to Rich Oliver's Mystery School as well as Reg Pridmore's CLASS school at Laguna Seca. The trip was an absolute blast and riding the corkscrew at Laguna is an awesome experience.

The Mystery School is 2 days of learning to ride dirt bikes and using throttle control to control the bike while it is sliding. This experience helps with the sportbike in case things go wrong and you find yourself on loose dirt or sliding the bike around.

The CLASS school was really good as well.. good instructors that will help you with your body position, your lines, etc. The experience of riding the same piece of pavement that Rossi and the rest of the boys have ridden is just awesome.

I want to thank Burnaby Kawasaki for pitching in some of the $$$$ to get our bikes down to Laguna.

I'd recommend anyone to come out to this trip the next time PRS puts it on, it's an awesome experience.
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