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Camcorder for insurance purposes

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OK, after being cut off numerous times and was almost killed today, I'm thinking of mounting a camcorder on my bike permanently (with a quick release when I park). I've read others being run off the road and icbc will do nothing about it since either 'nothing' happened or there are no witnesses.

What do you guys think about having a camcorder for insurance purposes? Of course it can back fire by incriminating myself if I do stupid things on the road too.

I've searched but didn't find any similar threads on this.
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Good idea, esp if you travel a lot in town. The nice thing about digicams is that you can just hit delete once you get to where youre going.

Reminds me of that chick with the R1 in California who got creamed by some conehead on the highway and then denied everything. Her camera told a different story though.
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