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Can you push the limits?

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These guys are pushing the limit to the extreme, dangerous and idiotic and at certain points the rider with the camera mounted almost loses it. But, the skill they have should be for the track not the street. I just hope that they don't hurt anyone in the process. None the less, watch it. I can't tell if that is a gsxr1000 or 600 though? I know the bike infront is a Duc. It's amazing
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holly fack...looked like he almost tucked the front a few times...still should be on the track though if not for your sake for the sake of the other road users
I've seen other vids of these guys on the web, and yes, they're completely bonkers. They do have the skills to do well on the track, but I don't know if they'll live long enough to get there...
I've seen the footage before. They race in the Greek Superbike series and they're complete morons on the street.
I was just going to say, I think they probably are on the track already. They are pretty calm out there, no panic crashes.
There's no doubt it's a gixxer 1000.
Yes, I agree.

2 things give it away.

1) The tach only goes to 14000


2) Above the speedo there is an emblem with an ‘R’. Below the ‘R’ there is a 1000
holly fack...looked like he almost tucked the front a few times...

Re-post, kind of. Part of a longer video. The Duc in front has a rear facing camera and it offers a different look too. There is part of the longer video where a roadside camera films the Gixxer backing it into a couple of corners. Where it looks like he is tucking the front end is probably where he is backing into the tight right handers - "Elias style" :laughing

Barking Pumpkin is right - a couple of Greek racers doing it on the street.
Damn...it only takes one car to screw them in the ass!
Thats what the track is for, if I ever went back on the street that would be me. I know better so I just stay off the street. But you know both are just as dangerous, like mission for real..... It's all about tickets and loosing your licence.
That's nuts. One oncoming car on a blind corner would ruin their whole day.
Good vid...hard to watch city street riding like that though...danger around every corner.
Nice find. You can tell he's letting the bike drift around a lot on purpose but the Ducati sure moves around a lot smoother. Looks like fun but a bit to much for my tastes.
Do you think they're running race tires??

I would never trust my road tires that much on the street...
Do you think they're running race tires??

I would never trust my road tires that much on the street...
Me either but that's more of a mental block than anything else. I've been going full out on a track on brand new race tires and been LAPPED by an AMA superbike racer on street tires on a bike with similar mods to my own. I had the better grip but he had the skill. At that point I realized that the money I blow on race tires is for peace of mind, not for necessity.
It's all fun and games until you launch your bike through the front window of some family's Volvo and put your bike in Suzie and Billy's laps in the back seat.
Oh come on are you all telling me you have never driven like this (just once)?

I ride like this every chance i get cause it keeps me away from newb riders and fauked up car drivers
LOL Looks like any given day down Westside rd in Kelowna.
Dude is backing it in just for show if you ask me.
awwww nice find.Makes me think about not canceling the insurance today.
I know what the center double line is for on the road now.....keeping your tires in the middle of it.These guys are good,to bad they aint going to be living that long.Hard to believe they put so many people at risk....the traffic
is pretty dam heavy to cross the line into blind corner.Hey wait its sunnnnnnny time to wash her and take her out.
no thats rare to see on the road ... new liter bikes in Greece!
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