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For sale is a Canon EOS 55 as well as everything I have to go with it.

I bought this camera in Japan about 3/4 years ago and have used it very little since. The camera, as well as the two lenses, are in near perfect condition. No scratches at all. I have all the original boxes as well.

Its the Japanese model. The N. American model is exactly the same only its callen the EOS Elan 50e (im pretty sure).

-Canon EOS 55b Body (has the eye controlled focus - focuses where you look)
-Canon DP-50 Battery pack and vertical shutter button
-Sigma 28mm-105mm
-Sigma 70mm-300mm
-Keniko 1.5x teleconverter (when used with the 70-300mm lens, it will allow you to zoom to 450mm)
-Vivitar 283 Auto thyristor flash unit
-9 rolls of Kodak HD4 High definition color film
-Camera bag
-Guide for this specific camera (very good book - will tell you everything you need to know about this camera)

This is a great camera and takes very clear pictures. You will not be dissapointed especially at this price.


PM me with any questions. Im located in South Surrey if you wanna come take a look.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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