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*** SOLD ***

Fits Canon PowerShot A60, A70, A75, A80, A95, A510, A520, A540, and will also fit any 52mm threaded adapter. Note, it will NOT fit the A700 using the standard adapter from Canon, as that is a 58mm thread. However, there seem to be third party adapters for the camera which are 52mm thread. You'll have to make sure it works for your camera.

On a camera with a 3X optical zoom, you get a 35mm equivalent of about 252mm, and on a 4X, about 336mm.

** PICS HERE: http://www.list4all.com/kai/ **

This piece comes with a leather carrying/protective case, and both lens covers, and is in perfect condition. Only used twice, really is brand new. Box was tossed as I didn't expect to be selling it. It was a gift, so no receipt. However, I included the extra picture to show that it was a retail box purchase. Adapter (sold separately) is available and if required, we can negotiate something.

They really meant it when they said that Canon glass works best for these Canon cameras. I tested a bunch of lenses on my A70 camera and studied them at home. None apart from the pro grade (huge and expensive) lenses even came close to the quality I got from the Canon glass. Unfortunately, all that research and I need to sell it.

Current price is about $160 + taxes at local stores.

*** PRICE REDUCED: Looking to get $120 OBO for the Lens. ***
*** Or a Package: $140 OBO for Lens + Adapter. ***

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