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cbr F2 91 - $4000 Reduced

41000 KMs. Runs well, been down once, old corbin seat.

pics ensue, need I say more?


[update May 15th]
On a high speed run (200 kph) the left side lower fairing ripped right out. I went back to retrive it and on doing so, dropped the bike as I pulled over onto the sandy shoulder. The fairings is pieced back together, and there are scratches on the right side of the bike. Mechnically still perfect though.

[update June 23rd]
Stickers removed on both sides. A quick sand on fairings and then repainted with black. Semi gloss finish. I have two EXTRA new unpainted side fairings plus a slightly cracked front race fairing. I also switched out the Corbin seat with a stock leather seat and have the Corbin for you if you want it. For $300, I can through in an F2 engine with half the mileage as the one in the bike. Can through in clear windsheild for free, plus another set of stock mirrors.

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