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SOLD -- CBR250R with ABS and extras



This is a great starter bike and that's what I bought it for. It's lightweight, it has ABS, and you won't accidentally do a wheelie if you suck at shifting. The bike has never been dropped or anything even close to that. It's spotless. I've bought another bike but I'll continue to enjoy this one from time to time to keep the wheels round.

I got the ABS for an extra $500. I installed some extras which are listed below and came out to around $800 after shipping. I'd like to include them in the sale and I'll give you the stock parts as well. After freight, pdi, and taxes the bike came to $6315 new. First service cost $344 at Carter Honda where I bought it. That's about $7360. So when you're comparing against the dealer bikes you can keep these savings in mind.

Two Brothers Slip-On Polished Aluminum Exhaust:
Comparison to Stock -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0s892-rjFm8

Yoshimura Fender Eliminator:
Stock -- http://i.imgur.com/T3SRE

Tank Bag:

prs02.jpg prs01.jpg prs03.jpg prs04.jpg
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