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Hi guys!
Thanks for creating such a great local forum for BC sport junkies!
I got my license in 2020 but I grew up with dirt bikes and dual sports until 2008.
Started on a ninja 400 but sold it after 1 season to get my hands on a sexy black CBR650R 2021.
I couldn't do with the lawnmower sound anymore....Sports bikes shrieks, they don't do "put put put" and they need 4in line Cyl!!
Slowly putting some parts on it and looking to get the heavy oem exhaust out and get a full aftermarket one pkus K&N air filter or the snorkel mod (anyone knows about it?) Before a retune to squeeze out the few hp left out.
I've found nice ryzoma replicas of their Razor mirrors with turn signals on them.
A few TST gadgets, some good frame sliders (because Richmond drivers), some Piazzo levers, Puig windshield and the oem quick shifter
I hope to find other riders with same bike to chat with or go ride.
Looking forward to read your replies!
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