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What is the power difference with cc's? For example, how much more powerful is a 700cc bike than a 600cc bike?
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BMW's boxer engine is a pretty cool design, I really like the lateral kick it gives you when you gun the throttle. and don't forget the best Triple made by triumph. the new engine is 148hp at the crank about 136 at the back wheel, but it gets 300km to a tank of gas. I know I had one. :) only problem is that the 136 on the dyno felt like 36 on the road, kind of sluggish.

back to the topic of power, cc's aren't everything, power to weight is very important, take a gixxer or R1 160hp to sub 400 lb bikes, make for very quick rides.

Best engine sound definatly goes to the Triple, they make an awesome howling sound.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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