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i had spoken with atomlow and big Jim regarding chatter boxes and wanted to give you a run down on them. I have two of them that i hook up on my helmet and the other on my passengers helmet or the person i ride with. Its actually pretty cool! I can communicate with the other party and find out where to go when needed and also its neat to have a convo with the passenger. I do noticed though that when in range I can pick up other frequencies that get in the way of me talking, and i can imagine with a bunch of us with one it will make with a lot of people trying to talk all at the same time. Mine have only two settings for frequencies but maybe the ones that are available now can be set to a bunch of frequencies. It would great for the rides in groups especially when the groups are seperated for the break in bikes and the experienced bikers. It would help in notifying when there are changes and any unforseen situations (cops). i strongly recommend it for every one , it could help organise the rides , and we'll never have to stop to wait and find out where to go or where to park. A leader could always go ahead and help localise a good spot to park or other routes to take.
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