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Chatterbox Group Buy on SBN

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I thought that some of you would like to know this....


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Oh man.. I'd love to have one of these. But you guys gotta buy 'em too.
Well someone's gotta start it. :D

Apparently Jim & I *MAY* get samples to try out. I'd really like to try it before I buy it seeing as they are fairly pricey. If they perform as well as I hope (which isn't too high), then I'm in.

I'll probably buy 2 if my wife gets her license this year though - I'm sure she'd love to have one.
I think we can get 'em for about $300CDN. The model on SBN I believe is the TOP-O-THE-LINE Chatterbox, but they're other models available, and I believe they're compatible with each other.

And yes, we would more than likely get a 'group' discount on it... but we'll defintetly have to wait to get a couple of samples to try out.
Digi168 said:
Collett also offers discounts and private club channels.
I noticed that on the website.. I also noticed their is quite the price hike when you goto the 900mhz ones. But I'm still game - I just need a few more guys to want to buy.
The cellphone hookup feature looked very attractive as well. ;)
1 - 5 of 34 Posts
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