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Chatterbox Group Buy on SBN

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I thought that some of you would like to know this....


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whoa..200 usd + shipping + duty... it's going to be around $400cdn is it not?

i guess i'll have to do without one..

another thing is, do they use the same frequency range as the cheapie motorolla/uniden/whatnot hand held walkie talkies?
that'd be cool..
HDs99 said:
I've got the Collett communicators and I agree with Digi - proper working VOX and clearer communications than the Chatterbox.

Things get difficult to understand at high speeds (wind noise I think), but I've been able to use my VOX properly all the way past 200Kph without any problems. Chatterboxes will not work past 100ish.

Only $139US, they're located in Canada, and I'd be willing to let anyone try mine if they really wanted to try before buying.

http://www.collett.mb.ca (RMS also carries em)

do they work on the same frequencies as the little motorolla walkie talkies that you can buy in radio shack for instance?
1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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