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Check out what I just made... woohoo (pic)

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Oh man this exhaust pipe bracket is amazing. It is one piece and is a full wrap around aluminum made from a street traffic sign. It took me just around an hour to make. Super light too... Ahhh... pure perfection!!!!!
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what?? no footpegs, how ya suppose to give the ladies rides?? hehehehe :) :laughing
That's pretty dope Mark...by the way Jamie and I tried to hook up with you today, I came through West Van and met him at Ambleside. It looks like we might get some nice weather over the next week so I will probably be over your way again soon.
made from a street sign!?!?!?! Holy McGuyver, Batman! That's some sweet work right there. What kinda tools did you need for that? I'm asuming you did all of that in your garage, right?
cool stuff....I love Hindle pipes....too $$$ for me though.....can just imagine the 6:00 news now "....and in bizarre incidents across the lower mainland street signs seem to be disappearing or being chopped off by vandals, the RCMP is investigating...in a another story, it seems a lot of motorcycles on the roads these days have some really fancy looking exhaust brackets....":D:D:D
A jigsaw with matal cutting blade... steel wool, metal polish, power drill. That's it... and the pipe was $10 from Daytona when it was having the Banckrupcy sale ( I polished it a bit and put a new badge on it since I like the slightly "raw aluminum" look) muahahahaha:D
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