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Chic Riders has come to Canada

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Hey Girls... Just wanted to let you all know that I am now the President of Chic Riders for BC.. This is an awesome opportunity to bring us girls together that ride.. Any questions email me [email protected].. and visit http://www.myspace.com/bcchicriders, add me comment or just come check it out.

Check out www.chicriders.com!!
Join the forum....

Chic Riders is based off of extreme motorcycle sports. I.e. Track, Drag-racing, and Stunt riding. But we are not limited to only those. We encourage any and all types of motorcycle riders. Just starting out, to riding for 15 years. We do NOT discourage any females that want to be apart of the group. We are not racists, we are not bias, we do not discriminate, and we do not play popularity contests. We are all about the love of woman who ride.

Our Goals:
Founder of ChicRiders.com, Jessica Maine, wants to show the world that us women are just as strong hearted and mentally driven as any man can be. We want to have a place for female riders to go and feel at home. Chic Riders will be the place where any woman can feel comfortable going and not feel judged by fellow riders, or be given the hard time a male rider can give. The more we spread out, the bigger we get, the more events and more opportunities we will have. Chic Riders is investing in making proposals to gear makers, for more options for us women, and better sizing. To dominate in more events like Femmemoto. Or Woman cup racing, etc. or a Stunt riding school for women.

I will be putting together rides/bbq/ charity events, etc in the riding season.. travelling around BC... need YOUR support girls :D I hopefully already have a sponsor( in the works) for us and working on lots more..

Hope to here from you

President of Chic Riders BC,
Alana Patenaude

:rockon :rockon :rockon :rockon :rockon :rockon
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Email sent :)
So that means no Island meeting then? I can't make the one in Van on that day, sorry, keep me posted!
awesome sounds good Alana!
1 - 3 of 73 Posts
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