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Class 6 Road Test Pointers

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Feel free to add on to this list.

here's my quick and dirty guide of pointers:

Shoulder Checking:
(1). Do a shoulder check in both directions everytime you come to a complete stop (ie: stoplight, stop sign, etc, anytime you stop completely)
(2). Do a shoulder check when changing lane positions in your lane (signal or hand signal is not required)
(3). Shoulder check when changing into another lane.

Changing Lanes:
(1). Shoulder check, signal, shoulder check, change lanes, turn signal off.
(2). Same goes with merging onto highways or yield signs and stuff.

(1). Left lane position when turning left, and Right lane position when turning right.
(2). Try not to drift wide in your turns.

(1). Do the speed limt, regardless of traffic around you. dont go too slow, but dont go any faster than 5km/h over the posted limit.
(2). Watch out for school zones, playgrounds, construction zones, etc, do proper speed in those areas.

Turn Signals:

(1). Always over exagerate your head scanning. (so they can see that you are actually scanning around).
(2). Try to do your over exagerated head scanning quite a bit. not all the time, but quite a bit.
(3). Scan the mirrors often too, exagerate this by doing the chicken dance (bending arms in and turning head to see into mirror)

after that, thats about all you need to know, just use proper lane position while you see fit, and watch your speed. They dont make you do figure 8s, but they should make you do 1 U-turn (shoulder check and signal when doing this), and stop you and ask you to identify road hazards.

Good luck.
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Glad you made this a sticky for the young 'uns! :thumbup

- Remember not to cross over any solid white lines when merging, this is an automatic fail.

- When creeping forward a few feet in traffic, do NOT let your left foot hover! both feet on pegs even if you're moving forward 6 inches.

- Watch your following distances! leave at least 2 seconds between you and the next vehicle in the city. when at a stop, leave at least half a car length.

Try to relax a little, the examiner is not out to get you! Don't be afraid of making a couple of mistakes, you can make several and still pass. Besides, the examiner might not even notice one or two of them.
turn signals

Completed road test Friday (in pouring rain) failed not because I forgot to turn my turn signals off, but because I turned them off too late.

Tester told me ICBC expects the signal to be turned off once the actual action starts, not when it is complete. In other words turn them off as soon as you enter your turn, not when you complete it.

A big disappointment for me - next test July 11..:tredmill
Turning your signals off too late sounds like a pretty weak excuse for a fail. I may be wrong but I don't remember anything in any of the books about turning them off when after you've started turning.

Besides, it seems a hell of a lot safer to worry about turning off your signal while you're not in the middle of turning.

Sounds to me like they were looking for a reason to fail you. I've heard of some instructors that just won't pass people on their first test.
Who tests you will matter alot (at least in my case). My first test I failed... they wrote everything down and cut me no slack at all. Went again, and the tester actually wrote good comments on the form. eg Has good control of bike...(?? why I wonder) and the form was almost blank.
There is no way I rode that differently 1 week apart. Guess I got both extremes from ICBC.
FYI - I went through the ProRide course. If I hadn't I think I'd still be out there being tested. Doesn't matter how good a rider you are (I've been riding dirt for years). All that matters is, leave you're riding habits, good or bad, at home and do exactly what they want. (the trick is figuring that out).
CG is right on target.
gotta nit-picky one....

when you pull back into the lot where you started from, the test is not over until the bike is turned off and you are beside it. shoulder check even after you park the damn thing!!
(my tester was really cool...but i still got marks off for that one)
Make sure you shoulder check to the right when you turn right at an intersection. To check for pedestrians I guess.

Make sure you do the speed limit. They harass you if you go to slow.

sumpin' like that.
Re: turn signals

bikergirl said:
Completed road test Friday (in pouring rain) failed not because I forgot to turn my turn signals off, but because I turned them off too late.

Tester told me ICBC expects the signal to be turned off once the actual action starts, not when it is complete. In other words turn them off as soon as you enter your turn, not when you complete it.

A big disappointment for me - next test July 11..:tredmill
Thats bizarre! Never heard of that one before:mad
oh ya....

also make sure they see your head move to look both ways AND tap your rear brake to show you're ready to stop when you come up to railroad tracks.
I know someone who just failed for two reasons.

1. While turning right from a stop you must turn your head almost completely around to check for cycleists(sp) coming up on your right, if you don't turn around far enough and just shoulder check they will ding you for it!!!

2. Its been said befor but CANCEL YOUR SIGNALS!!! the instructor said you have 4 second from when you complete the turn to cancel your blinker otherwise they will ding you for it.....Hope this helps:thumbup
These were great advices.
I'll certainly remember them when I go for my Class 6.
what a difference in testing since 2 years ago. I had to ride around the small parking lot in langley. didn't even get out of 1st gear! I had to pretend I came to a stop sign and then pretend I came to a yeild and turn. It was a joke. I'm glad they are making the tests a little harder!
when making a right hand turn, make sure there isn't room on your right for cars to pass you... and do three shoulder checks one to the left, one to the right and one directly behind you (as said above to check for cyclists) try and make eye contact with the icbc rep in the car behind you so they know that you are looking... and if the light is red stop before the white line (within 2ft), then edge out

don't drive too slow either... they want to know that you aren't nervous on the road

that's all i can think of right now
another sticky point, stop at the white line at stop signs then pull ahead. don't drive over it.
Special note for any BC Safety Counsel grads (like myself),

According to ICBC: When you are making a right hand turn from lane position 3 (which is correct), apparently you are supposed to turn DIRECTLY into lane position 1 , not lane position 3 and then shoulder check and move into LP1 (which is what BCSC teaches) :confused. I did my road test today, just got back actually, and I got dinged for NOT turning straight into LP1 :mad . At the end of the test the guy asked why I was doing that since it makes the turn a lot harder, and I said cuz thats what BCSC taught me. He said oh ok, but in the REAL world, just go straight into LP1 since it shows lane dominence, makes it easier to turn, and confuses the cagers less :p. And here I am doing 3-3-1 turns all along, man, what a PITA since that adds extra shoulder checks that I probably forget to do :(

Other things: They tell you no lane sharing, but if you are on a 1 lane and a transit bus is stopped, you CAN go around it so long as you don't cross the yellow line and the bus doesn't have it's left signal on. The examiner asked me at the end of my test why I stopped and waited for the transit bus, and I said "no lane sharing" and he said...eh...well...what he meant was no lane sharing while moving :rolleyes

BTW: I still passed :D :thumbup, so I'll be seeing the rest of you night :evil riders now :rider
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Stop BEFORE the white line. Not on it.
All excellent points people. I took the test three times before I past. Went to Action for MSA. The first time I took the test I rode a 125cc Sherpa, totally unfamiliar when I was riding a 250cc. I was expecting something larger not smaller. Motor vehicle office in Surrey by Action did not supply me with a headphone system. The speaker was at my chest, so when I was on the Hwy. I could'nt hear a thing with all the wind noise. I was pounding the top of my helmet showing the person I could not hear (frustrating). So I guessed at the Hwy. exit and got it right. Get a copy of the road test and study what is expected (Global Skills). Best place to take a road test is Burnaby ( Gilmore & Lougheed hwy. ). The second time I took the test I had 1 demerit, I had a 1KM to go to finish the test, I,m at an intersection on Wiilingdon go to turn left when I stall the bike and drop it. (This was my own bike) atomatic fail. What I did wrong was using the front brake and throttle at the same time, not enough control. Always when riding slow use back brake this gives you more control on throttle. They do teach you this at school ,but I was not using the technique. Third time I past ,but the tester told me to practice my slow speed riding. He got me to do a U-turn in a tight street, so I pull up to this large van parked and try to do my U-turn couldn't see much so I put my foot down. Good luck and practice your slow speed manuevers. Also exaggerated your head movement
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:rider Road Test passed yesterday - third times a charm...

Only mark on my score card was for riding too slowin a marked school zone - apparently only applicable during the school year - unless noted....who would have thought.

See you all on the road - watch for the little blue ninja 250.

Thanks for all the advice. I'm going for my Class 6 tomorrow morning! Hope I pass!! :)
Good Luck to you.....got my official licence in the mail on Monday....
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