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From: Clint McBain

Hello everyone,

This past weekend (March 17 - 20) I went down to Las Vegas, Nevada to take part in two track days with Fastrack riders at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. We had a great two days of riding, but unfortunately on Sunday evening in the Orlean's Hotel & Casino parking lot my truck was broken into and they stole our trailer with all our bikes and gear in it. We have filled reports with LVPD, but I have a gut feeling that is not going to get our stuff back. I'm hoping that you folks, being in and around the motorcycle industry could help us out by posting this email and pictures and keeping an eye and ears out for any of our stuff. The motorcycles are unregistered race bikes from Canada (see description below), so I presume they may possible show up at a race track some time, or they may be stripped and parted out (e-bay, classifieds, etc.). If you hear or see of anything that you think may relate to this, could you please be so kind as to contact me (Clint McBain)?

Please feel free to pass this along to anyone you think may be able to watch for or provide additional information on these items.

Thank you so much for your assistance, I truly appreciate it.

Clint McBain

#20 Discovery Ridge Court SW

Calgary, Alberta Canada

T3H 4P8

ph 1.403.287-9711 hm

ph 1.403.999-3546 cell

[email protected]


Stolen Items:

1 2005 Suzuki GSXR 1000 K5 (in race bike trim) Frame serial # JS1GT76AX52100904 Engine serial #104258

Description - This is a Blackfoot Team Suzuki Canada race bike prepped to Canadian National Superbike Rules. It has Sharkskins bodywork painted blue, white & black, decaled with HJC, Alpinestar, Hindle, Parts Canada, Motorex, Pirelli, Sunstar, Blackfoot, Suzuki decals. All the decals are clear coated onto the bodywork. The tail section is a white solo seat with 2 layers foam for a seat and # 9 on each side. Front cowl is blue with #9 in black and "Clint" just under the windscreen on booth sides. The parts on the bike are as follows:

- Brembo master cylinder and pump with short brake lever, remote adjuster from left handlebar side.

- New (2006) Galfer 310mm waved rotors with recessed grooves, black carriers & black buttons

- Steel braided brake lines covered in black sheathing (they look like Kevlar lines)

- "Attack" triple clamps

- "Attack" handlebars with black renthal grips

- "Attack" rearsets and pedals

- Aim lap timer, mounted on alluminum plate fastened to triple clamp

- Black Vortex fuel cap

- Ohlins rear shock w remote preload adjuster, .95 spring

- Custom made swing arm pivot +2mm, alluminum color

- 520 gearing (44 rear sunstar sprocket)

- Yoshimura alluminum oil catch can fastened to back of motor

- Hindle titanium exhaust system

- "FUEL" GPS Data receiver under seat cowl (small dark grey plastic box with two leads) This is a prototype unit and not on the market yet.

- Dynojet quick shifter

- Wheel bearings are blue

- 17 inch stock wheels

- stock rear subframe, & front cowl stay

- Ohlins steering damper mounted up front under stock gauges

- gold alluminum bolts throughout.

1 2005 Suzuki GSXR 600 (in race trim) Frame serial # JS1GN7CA752102558 Engine serial # 127584

Description - This is also a Blackfoot Team Suzuki Canada race bike. It has Sharkskins bodywork painted blue, white & black (similar to stock layout lines), it has crash damage to bodywork only on right lower fairing. Similar in appearance to the GSXR 1000 mentioned above. Front fork tubes are coated with a black coating, and compression adjuster is turned with a 3mm allen key, not the stock blade screw driver one.

- Brembo master cylinder & pump, with normal length lever and remote adjuster on left handlebar

- "Attack" triple clamps

- "Attack" handlebars with Renthal soft (grey) motocross grips

- Ohlins rear shock

- Custom made rear suspension linkage and dog bones

- "Attack" rearsets and pedals

- 520 gearing 15/45

- Micron lap timer

- Steel braided lines

- No rear brake reservoir, just a hose with a red alluminum banjo bolt for a cap

- Ohlins steering damper mounted below stock gauges

- aftermarket rear subframe - alluminum

6' x 12" enclosed trailer - Shuttle 2000 Serial # 2T9EA4HD5U1057536 Alberta Plate # T71537
- faded white fibreglass with black Dura guard on front for rock protection, small (9" tall x 15" long) "Racing" decal on top left & right back corners.

- "V" Nose

- Single axle, Barn style rear doors, man door on right side with deadbolt lock (like a house lock)

- Black & white checker floor

Suzuki 3500 Generator - Gas Powered (looks a few years old, on wheels)
2004 Pinarello Road Bicycle Shimano components, bright yellow with black lettering and clip in pedals , 21", yellow handlebar tape, Polar heart rate monitor, Speedo sensor.

2000 Cannondale Road Bicycle White with blue lettering

Riding Gear
- Alpinestart GP perforated suit, size 42, Blue, Black, White, "McBain" across upper back hump.

Suzuki name on forearms, Blackfoot on thighs, Parts Canada, Hindle, Motorex, Suzuki, HJC patches

- Alpinestar Supertech Roadrace boots NEW, Black, size 41

- Alpinestar GP Pro gloves, Blue, white, size large (2 sets)

- HJC AC12 Helmet, Red, grey, black, Blackfoot decals (small) , size XS, tinted visor with tear off posts

- Joe Rocket suit with "Tomlinson" across back. Red, Black & White

- Alpinestar Supertech Roadrace boots, Black

- Alpinestar GP Pro Gloves, Red, white

Spare Parts
- Allimunum wheel balancer & Alluminum bead breaker

- 5 gal. portable air tank

- New set Bickle tire warmers with digital thermostat , Blue w black cords

- 2 sets Black rims complete with rotors

- 7 sets tires, 5 Dunlop sets, 2 Pirelli sets

- Attack rearsets complete set

- Attack replacement bars and renthal grips

- 4 plastic bins of misc. stock Suzuki parts (GSXR600 & GSXR1000), fasteners, gaskets, etc.

- 2 front Hindle bike stands

- 2 rear Hindle bike stands

- 1 Hands free roll-on front stand

- 8 Drawer Red toolbox, filled with metric tools

- 1 plastic toolbox (22" x 12") no handle, assorted tools inside

- 2 sets of alluminum Sunstar sprockets (41 - 46 tooth)

- 15' x 10' Blue Suzuki Easy-Up tent.

- 1 set SportBike tire warmers , Black

- Brembo Front brake master cylinder, pump & lever

- 4 VP 5 gallon fuel jugs, Grey coolers, pit chairs, etc

Twin A
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whoa, that sucks ass. damn thieves!

New chain...Soo smooth...
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Holy crap that is alot of really cool stuff....

Damn thieves - hang 'em high!

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holy crap, those are good bikes...that sucks man, we'll all keep an eye out

I ain't not no genius
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I'm getting an 06 1000, I'd consider lending it to him in exchange for racing lessons :thumbup
But that really sucks. i hope that they are recovered or at least insured.
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